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Down East Extension Cruise 2020 August 12 - 23

By Wallace Feldman
Posted on 1/22/2020 5:33 PM










Wed. 8/12

Northeast Harbor

44 17.15 N, 068 16.90 W

20 NM

Maine Cruise sailors leave Deer Isle and head for Northeast Harbor. Dockage: Reserve early with Harbormaster:207-276-5737.Moorings: First come, first serve, call NE Harbor Moorings on Ch.9.



Northeast Harbor


Opening gathering. Site depends on number of participants.If small, at NOMAD and on its dock. If larger, T.B.A. Fuel, water, pumpout at Clifton Dock near harbor entrance. Repairs at Hinckley’s facility in harbor. (formerly Morris)

Fri, 8/14

Cape Split

44 30.25 N, 067 43.55 W

29 NM


1256 EDT

One of the best harbors between Northeast and Roque and a good place to split the difference. Good anchorage, few facilities. Exposed to strong southwesterlies; we can choose alternates if this is an issue.

Sat., 8/15

Roque Island

44 34.20 N, 067 30.95 W

19 NM

Low Slack 1407 EDT

Much has been written about this most favorite of downeast destinations. (See Taft or a vintage copy of Duncan and Ware). We’ll probably anchor in Lakeman’s for the night, and off of the Great Beach the next day.


Roque Island


Wander the mile-long beach. perhaps sail around to the north side and observe the farm from Shorey Cove.

Mon, 8/17

Mistake Harbor

44 28.60 N, 067 30.95 W

7 NM

A beautiful and well sheltered harbor, with blueberries and raspberries on the walkway to the Moose Peak light.

Tue, 8/18

Mistake Harbor and vicinity


Explore the Mudhole and the Cow’s Yard. These are also good alternatives if it pipes up.

Wed., 8/19

Trafton Island

44 29.35 N, 067 49.80 W

16 NM

High slack 1222 EDT

One of the prettiest harbors, well sheltered from the east around to the south. A good place to watch the ospreys that congregate there.

Thur., 8/20

Winter Harbor (Sand Cove)

44 23.00 N, 068 05.40 W

22 NM

High slack

1303 EDT

Taft reports Grindstone Yacht club as hospitable to visitors,with moorings, and lunch available.and suggests a short walk to town or to the end of scenic Grindstone point .

Fri., 8/21


44 28.17 N, 068 11.11 W

9 NM

A lovely harbor with a great view of Cadillac Mountain. Exposed to the South or Southwest, if it threatens to be rolly we can go around the corner to BlackCove, where we gain calm but lose the view.

Sat., 8/22

Somes Harbor

44 21.68 N, 068 19.60 W

21 NM

A lovely calm harbor at the end of the scenic trip up Somes Sound.

Sun, 8/23

Southwest Harbor

44 16.40 N, 068 18.85 W

5 NM

Dockage can be reserved at Great Harbor Marina, early reservations suggested. (207-244-0117). Moorings at several places as per Taft. Final dinner choices abound depending on our total numbers.



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