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Our History

The Blue Water Sailing Club was established in 1959 to promote weekend sailing, family cruising, and racing. Racing interests dominated the early years, and prospective members were required to participate in at least one club race. The founders of the club were ardent sailors, for the membership requirements clearly stated, “Any member purchasing a motorboat or motor sailor will be automatically dropped from the rolls”. (The club is less strict today.)
By the late 1960s club members were increasingly interested in organized cruising. By the 20th anniversary of the club’s founding in 1979, membership had increased to 218.  In 1976, the club convened a special Bicentennial Cruising Race committee and Blue Water Sailing Club became a founding sponsor and participant in the Marion – Bermuda Race.
Club activities expanded during the 1980s, including regular educational seminars, the Ski Weekend, and cruises to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the Caribbean, and Gaspe Peninsula in addition to Maine and Southern Cruises. By 1983 the Marion-Bermuda Race had grown to the point where a standing committee was created to fulfill the demands of the event. 
Blue Water participated in Sail Boston in 1992 and accompanied Old Ironsides (the USS Constitution) on her 200th birthday trip from Boston to Marblehead and back. A “No Cooking, No Shouting” seminar set the stage for the inaugural All Women’s Cruise and remains a staple of the on-water events calendar. In the 2000s, the Safety at Sea Symposium became the sole responsibility of Blue Water Sailing Club and the Commodore was appointed to the Executive Board of the Marion-Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race Association. In 2009 the club celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Since that time, the club has continued to offer good fellowship among sailors and has embraced social media to foster that goal. Volunteerism remains the foundation of the club. Blue Water is as committed as ever to racing, cruising, education and social interaction among sailors. 

A more detailed look at the club's first 50 years is available for download.
Links to Club's Annual Logs