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Maine Cruise 2020 August 2-15

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Maine Cruise 2020 August 2-15
By Donald K Mitchell
Posted on 2/3/2020 9:21 PM


Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast by Hank & Jan Taft and Curtis Rindlaud:  Pages cited are from the Fifth edition as the newer Sixth edition is on my boat in Norfolk.  I’ll update in April, after we return to the boat.



Most of this year's cruise stops are remote, with few facilities.  Recommended provisioning stops are Portland and Rockland, about a week apart. Facilities at other stops are listed, either here or in Taft.


Date: Sunday, Aug 2

Port:  Chebeague Island Inn

Location: Great Chebeague Island, northwest bight, Casco Bay,

N 43° 45.3’ W 70° 06.6’

Distance: n/a

Moorings, etc.: A few moorings are available through the Chebeague Island Inn and they provide launch service for their guests. 

Activity: Opening party on rafted boats of Dudley & Ann Welch and Lizanne & Don Mitchell.  Make your own dinner reservations at Chebeague Island Inn

Provisioning: Portland

Taft: Pages 76-77


Date: Monday, Aug 3

Port: Quahog Bay

Location: N 43° 49.2’ W 69° 54.4’

Distance: 15 Miles

Interesting spots along the way:  Opportunity to stop at Eagle Island and tour the Admiral Robert Peary museum, moorings are available or stop for lunch at Jewell Isle or go North to Goslings. There are many ledges and narrow passages, so careful navigation is required.

Moorings, etc.: Excellent anchoring to the North of Snow Island, moorings available from Great Island Boat Yard 207-729-1639, Ch. 09

Activity: Unwind in a beautiful bay

Provisioning: Very little

Taft: Pages 94-95



Date: Tuesday, Aug 4

Port: The Basin

Location: N 43° 48.3’ W 69° 51.2’

Distance: 8.6 Miles

Interesting spots along the way:  Pretty, very narrow passage behind Yarmouth Island on way to New Meadows River.  Cundy’s Harbor, a working lobstering port you will pass to Port.  Or continue up the New Meadows river

Moorings, etc.:  Anchor in western part of Basin

Activity: Afternoon raft/float party.  Water warm enough to go for a swim

Provisioning: Very Little

Taft: Pages 99


Date: Wednesday, Aug 5

Port:  Derecktor Robinhood Marina

Location: Riggs Cove, N 43° 51.2’ W 69° 43.8’

Distance: 21 to 25 miles

Interesting spots along the way:  Opportunity to stop at Seguin and hike to the top.  A narrow passage behind MacMahan Island is interesting or Goose Rock Passage into Riggs Cove- the tide runs strong here.

Moorings, etc.:  Moorings, slips and anchoring available. 207-371-2525, Ch. 09

Activity:  Party ashore on the lawn.  Restaurants are available. 

Provisioning:  A courtesy car is available. About six miles to Bath and supermarkets

Taft: Pages 124


Date: Thursday, Aug 6

Port:  Greenland Cove

Location: Muscongus Bay, N 43° 59.1’ W 69° 25.7’

Distance: 22 miles

Interesting spots along the way: Enjoy the inside route up through Ebenecook Harbor and Townsend Gut. The swing bridge opens on the half hour.  Hog Island is owned by the Audubon Society and welcomes respectful visitors.

Moorings, etc.:  Anchorage


Provisioning:  Very limited

Taft: Pages 158



Date: Friday, Aug 7

Port:  High/Dix Islands

Bad weather alternative:  Tenants Harbor

Location: Entrance to Penobscot Bay, N 44° 0.3’ W 69° 4.0’

Distance: 22.5

Interesting spots along the way:  Take nearly direct course or snake around many islands for an interesting inside passage. (chartlet will be posted

Moorings, etc.:  Anchorage

Activity: Row to High Island’s granite dock and scramble up to remains of a granite quarry

Provisioning:  None

Taft: Page 195


Date: Saturday, Aug 8

Port:  Rockland:

Location: N 44° 5.8’ W 69° 5.6’

Distance: 10.2

Interesting spots along the way:  Muscle Ridge Channel, Owls Head

Moorings, etc.:  Landings Marina with moorings and slips or anchor out in the harbor

Activity:  Party ashore in restaurant.  Farnsworth museum and Strand theater an easy walk.

Provisioning:  Major supply stop.  Supermarket about a mile from dock.  Hamilton Discount Marine an easy walk. Fish market and convenience store closer  Schooner Bay Taxi:  207-594-5000

If desired, cruisers could spend a second day here and sail directly to Castine

Taft: Pages 198-202


Date: Sunday, Aug 9

Port:  Cradle Cove, Seven Hundred Acre Island

Bad weather alternative: Remain in Rockland

Location: N 44° 15.8’ W 68° 56.3’

Distance: 12.5 miles

Interesting spots along the way: The beauty of Camden Hills and Penobscot Bay

Moorings, etc.:  Dark Harbor Boatyard 207-734-2246, Ch. 09  About 20 rental moorings and anchorages North of the moorings

Activity: Walks on shore on Seven Hundred Acre Isle and Warren Isle.  Dinghy to boatyard float

Taft: Page 232



Date: Monday, Aug 10

Port: Smith Cove

Location: Castine N 44° 22.4’ W 68° 46.7’

Distance: 14.7 miles

Interesting spots along the way: Turtle Head, at the North end of Isleboro Island, Castine and the Maine Maritime Academy 

Moorings, etc.:  Anchorage

Activity:  Walk around historic Castine and see the many battlefields and the Maine Maritime Academy.  Go ashore at the isthmus and walk the trails of the Holbrook Island Sanctuary.

Provisioning:  A health food store is a long walk up Main Street hill.  An ice cream stand is on the town landing, with a convenience store just across the street.

Taft: Pages 247 to 251


Date: Tuesday, Aug 11

Port:  Southeast Harbor

Location: North East corner of Deer Isle  N 44° 12’ W 68° 38.9’

Distance: 26.1 Miles

Interesting spots along the way:  Either Eggemoggin Reach (longer) or through Deer Island Thorofare, both offer beautiful scenery

Moorings, etc.:  Anchorage

Provisioning:  None


Taft: Page 281


Date: Wednesday, Aug12

Port:  Burnt Coat Harbor

Location: Swan’s Isle N 44° 8’ W 68° 26.7’

Distance: 10.0 Miles

Moorings, etc.: Swan’s Island Boathouse manages about 30 moorings 207-526-4201

Provisioning:  Take out at several places, including cooked lobster delivered to your boat

Activity:  An interesting fishing community and a nice walk

Taft: Pages 288-289



Date: Thursday, Aug 13

Port: Wreck Island

Bad weather alternative: TBD

Location: Merchant’s Row, N 44° 7.8’ W 68°37.9’

Distance: 8.6 Miles

Interesting spots along the way: The many islands of Merchant’s Row.  Lobster traps so thick, you could walk there.  A diver named Jaques operates a lobster pot removal operation out of Stonington

Moorings, etc.:  Anchorage

Provisioning: None

Activity: Cocktails and a potluck dinner ashore

Taft: Page 278


Date: Friday, Aug 14

Port: Long Cove

Location: North of Hurricane Island Sound, N 44° 5.4’ W 68° 5.3’

Distance: 16.6

Interesting spots along the way: Go North through Fox Island Thorofare or South, outside of Vinylhaven through The Reach and Hurricane Island Sound

Moorings, etc.:  Anchorage

Provisioning: None

Activity: TBD

Taft: Page 225


Date: Saturday Aug 15

Port: Boothbay Harbor

Location: N 44° 5.0’ W 69° 37.8’

Distance: 40.4 Miles

Interesting spots along the way:

Moorings, etc.:  Carousel Marina, 207-633-2922, Ch 09

Provisioning: Courtesy car, Hannaford’s groceries

Activity: Cocktail Party at Whale’s Tale, many nice restaurants in town

Taft: Pages 136-139


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