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Guy Jones around the world

2-30-18-The Pace Quickens
By Guy S Jones
Posted on 12/30/2018 2:33 PM

From: Guy Jones <>

Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 8:10:37 AM

Subject: Pace Quickens


Hi All


Well the operating tempo has changed noticeably in the last two days reflecting the realization that within four (4) days the World ARC 2018 with 31 vessels participating will depart for Marquesas. The fuel barge and the water barges are running every day now and will do so until we depart on Wednesday. The fleet’s demand put so much pressure on the local diesel supply in Santa Cruz that Galapagos had to bring fuel from another island at a 14% premium.


Fuel is a requirement for all of the vessels and we needed about 140 gallons of fuel to top off our 230 gallon fuel capacity. We also have about 5 gallons of additional fuel in a jug so that we replenish the aft tank based on the hours that the generator is run to ensure that we have our full measure of fuel. Total cost for fuel was about $400. Beginning On Friday, we took about 120 gallons of water to top off our 244 gallon capacity. Furthermore, now that the water maker is repaired and operational, we are running it everyday to replenished what we consumed the previous day which ensures that we will have full tanks on Wednesday when we depart. Total cost of the purchased water was about $60. Additionally, we also carry about two cases of bottled water as a back up.


Yesterday, Emitt and Don did an inventory of the refer and the pantry, toss out any spoiled food, about 2lbs. and developed a shopping list that we closed out on Saturday picking up lettuce, tomatoes,  bell peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers raisin, you know the usual stuff. In total, expenditures for groceries  was about $120.00 Regarding the freezer, we have about 50lbs. of frozen fish ranging from cod, wahoo, salmon, tuna, swordfish and even sea bass plus about 4lbs of chicken. My estimate is that we will need 44lbs. of protein for the passage and with any luck, Emitt will catch some fish enroute.


Not only is the distance of 3000 nm enough for one to pause, there are other basic issues beyond the passage that must be addressed prior to departure. Specifically, once we arrive, Marquesas does not have a working dock and as such fuel and water must be transported in “gerry cans” (plastic jugs) each with a capacity of five gallons. Once we have the fuel and water in their respective jugs we must the transport them  to the various boats using our dingyies. To appreciate the logistical concern here, my fluid capacity is 244 gallons of water and 230 gallons of fuel and  each five jug of water or  fuel weighs about 10.4 lbs. and 9.9 lbs. respectively. Good luck with that, right. In that regard, based on Emitt’s suggestion we built a hand pump to siphon water and fuel from the jerry jugs to the tanks in order to expedite the very slow process.


Another concern is crew readiness. Just about ever boat has crew changes taking play prior to the start of the Marquesas leg and Footloose is no exception. Nina is now on Ice Bear, a 48’ Morris and Don Sweatman and Paul Van Gils joined the ship’s company bring the team to four. While Paul is the only new member on Footloose, being that Don did the initial training with us in October and he was part of the crew on the passage from Portsmouth RI to St Lucia, WI., the entire team took about four hours to cover man overboard, fire, flooding, abandon ship and  may day procedures. Paul’s is picture is third from the left. He is yes, at the top of the mast. More on that in my follow up email.


On Monday morning, we will perform a rigging inspection and hopefully address any issues we find. Monday at 1700 hours there is a skipper’s briefing with a small party immediately following the briefing. Tuesday is a lay day with nothing planned but where a boat is involved more than likely some crisis will arise.


By the way, contrary to my personal goal, I did not make a single tour. Just did not take the time. My error and I will do better the next time. In the first picture, “my agent” is on the left and Emitt is on the right.


Well enough for now as the rain continues. 


S/V Footloose


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