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Guy Jones around the world

1-15-18-St Lucia to Columbia
By Guy S Jones
Posted on 12/30/2018 2:00 PM

From: Guy Jones <>

Sent: Monday, January 15, 2018 11:26:06 AM

Subject: St Lucia to Santa Marta, Columbia


We arrived in Santa Marta after 5 1/2 day of robust downwind sailing. Overall, winds were generally 18-25 knots, seas were 4-8 feet but we had only four or five squalls and very light rain. The nights were incredible with wall to wall stars and for the first time l heard the song of a whale. One day the dolphins danced around Footloose for 30 minutes before getting bored with the boat and her lack of speed. We caught a 35 pound tuna and better discretion caused use to release it. It was very angry with very sharp and active teeth. However, we eventually landed three mahi-mahi and a smaller tuna. They were quickly subdued with bevadere vodka and were dinner shortly thereafter. However, as soon as I cleared customs in Columbia l bought a very cheap bottle of rum to use in lieu of my favorite beverage.


Well enough for now. We depart for San Blas Island on Wednesday, a short passage of 300 nautical miles (2 days) as we get ready to transit the Panama Canal towards the end of the month.


Fair Winds



S/V Footloose

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