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Mini-Maine Cruise 2018

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Welcome to the 2018 Maine Mini Cruise
Maine-Mini Cruise
By Suzanne Struss
Posted on 6/18/2018 11:20 AM
Thank you to those who are registered for the Maine Mini Cruise and “sailing with me”.  If you have paid a registration fee you will see that the fee was charged in error and you will be getting it returned. There is no fee.  As we further plan  the events on this cruise we need to rely on you to commit to an event we will need to prepay. On July 25 our destination is Horseshoe Cove. Our passage on July 25 should take 3-4 hours if you have been with the cruise at Dark Harbor..  
Please see Horseshoe Cove description below in bold from;
Even though Horseshoe Cove can be tricky to get into, once clear of the inlet you will find a quite and idyllic Maine setting where you can either anchor out or tie up to a mooring for the evening. This is a place for those seeking peace, quiet and a taste of the great outdoors. 
Navigating the Water:

Use NOAA Chart 13309. 

You can approach Horseshoe Cove either from Eggemoggin Reach to the southeast, or from Penobscot Bay to the southwest. From Eggemoggin Reach, pick up the red and white Morse (A) buoy south of bucks harbor and set a northwest course to the red daybeacon (a stake with a home-made marker on it) marking the Horseshoe Cove Inlet, making sure to give Thrumcap Island plenty of room along the way. 

If you arrive via Penobscot Bay,pick up the red and white bell buoy at the entrance to Eggemoggin Reach, and then proceed northeast to the green can buoy marking the 13-foot-deep rock ledge east of Spectacle Ledge. From here, head north-northeast to the red Spectacle Ledge. From here, head north-northeast to the red daybeacon (a stake with a home-made marker on it) marking the entrance to Horseshoe Cove.

Mind all the markers very carefully once inside, and then pick up one of the privately maintained moorings, or set the hook in a safe spot. 

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.


While speaking with the owners of Seal Cove Boatyard in Horseshoe Cove they advised us to ask for a local to escort us in. They are happy to be our escort. They reported that charts are not correct. They have notified the Coast Guard in writing regarding this. However Horseshoe Cove is protected and very beautiful once inside. Idyllic for an onshore catered dinner.  The Seal Cove Boat yard has buildings should we need to move our outdoor fun to indoor cover. Bob and Sam Vaughn who are owners of the boat yard plan to arrange the BWSC visiting fleet on their moorings.  Orcut Cove adjacent has good anchorage but in a blow your dinghy ride to Horseshoe Cove could be wet. Would you tell us if you plan to join this event at Horseshoe Cove as soon as possible?  If you are joining what is the draft, the length, and the tonnage of your vessel? We thank you in advance for your thoughtful timely response. Look for more details to come as we plan the choices for the onshore catered event. We look forward to seeing you then. Be sure to look for updates in the Beacon.

Good Times! Good Sailing! Good Friends!

Bill Dobson and Sue Struss

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